What is this?

Squash is a news system based on the web using PHP/SQL, this works in a similar fashion to that of sites like Slashdot. Although there are several systems like this one out there, this one differs in that it is small, simple to administrate, but complete in the sense that you can have article posters, commenters or just plain readers, unlimited forums/topics, a search engine and flexible API.

Squash is licensed under GPL.

What's needed to install

Make shure you have an up to date install of the following:


Current version is 0.4, get the tarball here.

What sites use Squash?

We just released publicly this system, as far as we know, only our demo site at http://squash.ciberlinux.net/demo/. If your site is using Squash, please let us know! Also, there is this cool logo that you can sport at your site (if it links back to this page even better!)

More questions? Bugs? Contributions?

Send us an email.
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