Simple Dynamic DNS

This is a very simple solution to support networked computers which do not
have static IP. There are 3 perl scripts which do the work:


    This script does the user authentication (zones-users.cfg) and updates the
	IP in the domain zone file.


    Checks for changes in the domain zones files managed by and
	recreates the zone file used in the configuration of Bind.


    Runs in the linux user box checking for changes in the IP of the default
	interface used to route data, then connect to the if any.

Why I coded this approach ? Well, in the open source enviroment the solutions
available to provide DNS support for dynamic IPs are commonly in 2 scenarios:

a) The ones that use DHCPD + DNS, and
b) The ones that enables the user to run an application that connects to the
   DNS server to update the user IP.

The first one (a) was not feasible and that was not the way I needed to
implement it, and the second one (b) even with private keys and certificates,
provided a way to anyone in the outside world (internet) to connect directly to
the server and then DO the changes... call me paranoid if you want ! :)

The first goal of my implementation was a way to provide more security in the
server side, disabling the request for updates in the domain zones anywhere but
from the server itself. Then a second idea was in my mind :"easy to use and
configure" from both sides, the client and the server.

Urivan Saaib
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